LONDEX was launched with appreciation to the Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade and originally launched as baby LONDON. After successful and organic growth the project was rebranded and major upgrades to the LONDEX platform plans were made. Holders of LDX are rewarded with variable 5% auto claim Ethereum reflections as a passive income.


Londex Platform

The LONDEX platform will provide vast utility for investors on BSC and crypto in general. A crypto university, contract scanning, wallet mapping and a worlds first anti-scammer AI, trading and charting with a host of features, gaming suite, NFT minting and marketplace, tax & accountancy tools, a safe dex with Londex LP, a presale launchpad and much more. Additionally significant revenues from all advertising and other features will directly feed the Londex token, creating consistent buy pressure and daily burning of tokens.


Londex LDX, the first Ethereum rewards token and native token to the Londex exchange and utility platform.

Quote from our Co- CEO - Tim Saunders:
“As many imitators fail and many dev teams continue to use underhand tactics to fool investors, the LONDEX team continue to build the infrastructure of real change, real utility and genuine longevity. Our all encompassing Londex platform will revolutionise the BSC with a host of unique safety features and unrivalled utility.”

Londex Platform Release Date
  • The build time of our Londex Platform has been drastically reduced over the last 2 months. We are pleased to say that we expect the Londex Platform to be launched in December 2021. In the meantime check our dashboard for exclusive pre releases of Londex features.


Here are just a few of the amazing features that will be available to use on the new Londex Exchange.


Londex will feature a full suite of play to earn games


Check out our exclusive NFT collections and mint your own NFT’s in our shop.


Live interviews with industry-leading experts and Londex AMA’s.

Token Economics

LONDEX Buy tax is 13%
Rewards 5%
Development 6%
LP 2%
LONDEX Sell Tax 15.6%
Rewards 5%
Development 6%
LP 2%
Growth Fund 2.6%

Read Our Documents

Here are our full documents that help you to understand us.


Ethereum completes London Hard Fork upgrade
Baby London concept is born
Contract Developed
Website Created
Socials Created
Fair Launched with no team air drops
Dev Doxxed live voice chat cam
Poocoin advertising campaign launched
$500k market cap achieved
20+ coin vote listing sites submitted
1k+ members in Telegram group
Twitter & YouTube influencer partnerships
1000 Holders
Audit applications submitted
Additional developers doxxed
$3million market cap achieved.
15+ International Language Groups
5k+ Telegram members
Further partnerships with Youtube, Twitter & Tiktok influencers
Baby London rewards tracking dashboard created
Londex Platform plans announced
Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko listings
QuillHash Audit Passed
Indoex Exchange Listing
Coin Telegraph, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch & Bloomberg articles posted
2500 Holders
Londex Live Interviews & AMA’s
Preview Londex Features
Full project migration to Londex Token LDX
$500k Ethereum Rewards paid out
Londex Merchandise shop opened
London Billboard campaign started
London Underground and Taxi campaigns started
LBank & HotBit exchange listings.
$100million market cap achieved.Mainstream and cross chain ecosystem partnerships.
50k+ Telegram Members
50k+ Telegram Members
Official LONDEX Platform launch.
Londex Foundation Launch
Londex Rewards Card Launch
25k Holders
Binance Exchange Listing
Londex Live Events
Londex Official Sponsored Events
Londex Guardian AI Rollout
100k Holders
Official LONDEX Platform launch.
$1billion+ market cap achieved.
$100million Ethereum rewards paid out.
Much more to come in the future..

Meet Our Team

Hussein Omar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Tim Saunders
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Rick Duke
Chief Operations Officer
Lisa Bageaux
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Roberts
Chief Technical Officer
Monkey Shanti
Lead Solidity Developer
Roel Nijenbijvank
Lead Full Stack Engineer
Meho Pjanic
UI/UX Developer
Zheng Chi
DevOps Engineer / Project Manager
Sri Shahi
Business Analyst
Isaac Pearson
Chief Marketing Officer
Nicky Mann
Public Relations Officer
Luke Thomas
Senior Research Lead
Quinton Bezuidenhout
Executive Assistant
Marnu Verwey
Project Director Markets / NFT
Kibwana Gane
Project Director Entertainment
Stephanie West
Legal Counsel

Frequently asked questions

LONDEX (LDX) is a revolutionary rewards token pioneering trust, transparency and integrity on the Binance Smart Chain. We have introduced a vast utility platform called to accompany the LONDEX Token for all crypto investors.

All Cryptocurrencies on the BSC are widely accepted, We have a on ramp for direct CC Purchase on our website and app coming soon.

2,000,000,000,000 Minus the 1,000,000,000,000 Burn = 1Trillion

We’re working extremely hard putting all the pieces together to bring you the best platform on BSC. We hope to bring you the first version of our platform at the end of the year.



Contact LONDEX

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.