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Launched on 8th August 2021, Londex set out to help improve the BSC through education, leading tech development and pioneering a change in safety and sustainability. Londex has experienced successful and organic growth and continues to build unrivalled utility for investors and developers. Holders of the LDX token are rewarded with variable 5% auto claim Ethereum reflections(BEP-20) as a passive income. Londex released its Lite trading platform in January 2022 along with an upgraded contract and investor affiliate program. Londex has several brand ambassadors and strategic partners to accompany a worldwide project team of over 60 people.

Bep-20 Ethereum rewards paid out: $1,105,885
Stolen funds recovered by Guardian AI from scammers: $522,210
ATH Market Cap: $30,157,303
Planned development completed: 15.38%
The LONDEX platform will provide vast utility for investors on BSC and crypto in general.
  • Guardian AI Protection –
  • Swap / Exchange –
  • Staking –
  • Farming –
  • University / Learning Hub –
  • Gaming / Casino –
  • NFT Marketplace –
  • NFT Minting –
  • Metaverse Integration –
  • Wallet Tracking –
  • KYC Verified Listings –
  • Visa/MasterCard with Rewards –
  • Tax & Accountancy Tools –
  • Featured Projects –
  • Launchpad –
  • Presale Platform –
  • Developer Marketing Suite –
  • Developer Solidity Suite –
  • Trading View Charting –
  • Blockchain Metrics –
  • Crypto News Feed –
  • Collateralised Lending –
  • Trending Tokens –
  • Escrow Service –
  • Wallet Lock –
  • Contract Lock –
  • Charity / Foundation –
  • Merchandise –
  • Advertising Revenue –
  • Fiat On-Ramp –
  • Cross Chain Bridge
  • Londex Metaverse
  • Guardian Audits
  • Affiliate Program
Additionally significant revenues from all advertising and other features will directly feed the Londex token, creating consistent buy pressure and daily burning of tokens.
Londex LDX, the first Ethereum rewards token and native token to the Londex exchange and utility platform.
Quote from our Co- CEO - Tim Saunders:

 “As many imitators fail and many dev teams continue to use underhand tactics to fool investors, the LONDEX team continue to build the infrastructure of real change, real utility and genuine longevity. Our all encompassing Londex platform will revolutionise the BSC with a host of unique safety features and unrivalled utility.”

Londex Lite was released in January 2022 and new features are added frequently. The full Londex platform and exchange will launch later in the year with extensive utility and Londex liquidity pools.
Here are just a few of the amazing features that will be available to use on the new Londex Exchange.


Londex will feature a full suite of play to earn games

Multi Chain NFT Marketplace

Buy exclusive NFT collections and mint your own NFT’s in our shop.


Live interviews with industry-leading experts and Londex AMA’s.

Alpha Guardians launched on Solana
Phase 2 coming soon
White Paper

Download or read our full white paper.


Londex Lite Features

Hussein Omar
Co-Founder & CEO
Tim Saunders - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Tim Saunders
Co-Founder & CEO
Rick Duke
Chief Executive Officer
Jason Roberts
Chief Technical Officer
Sam Stratten
DevOps / Project Manager
Stephanie West – Inhouse Legal Counsel
Public Relations Officer
Luke Thomas – Senior Research Lead
Luke Thomas
Senior Research Lead
Quinton Bezuidenhout – Executive Assistant
Quinton B.
Executive Assistant
Marnu Verwey - Project Director - Markets-NFT
Project Director Markets / NFT
Kibwana Gane – Project Director Entertainment
Kibwana Gane
Project Director Entertainment
Stephanie West – Inhouse Legal Counsel
Stephanie West
Legal Counsel
Jeremy Ingram
Community Director
Q_NFT-Project Maneger
NFT Project Manager
Welcome to our extensive FAQ page, please read the questions carefully. If you have a question not listed below please contact one of our community admins on Telegram @Londexofficial.

LONDEX (LDX) is a revolutionary rewards token pioneering trust, transparency and integrity on the Binance Smart Chain. We have introduced a vast utility platform called to accompany the LONDEX Token for all crypto investors.

All Cryptocurrencies on the BSC are widely accepted, We have a on ramp for direct CC Purchase on our website and app coming soon.

2,000,000,000 Minus the 926,512,098.0252 Burn = 1,073,487,901.9748

We’re working extremely hard putting all the pieces together to bring you the best platform on BSC. We hope to bring you the first version of our platform at the end of the year.

LONDEX was launched with appreciation to the Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade and originally launched as babyLONDON. After successful and organic growth the project was rebranded and major upgrades to the LONDEX platform plans were made. Holders of LDX are rewarded with variable 5% auto claim Ethereum reflections as a passive income.

Launched on the 8th August 2021 as babyLONDON and rebranded to Londex LDX token in October 2021. Londex v3 launched in January 2022 along with the Londex Lite platform.

Our standard fees are 13.6% Buy Transaction fee 15.6% Sell Transaction fee. Our token economics are variable and are often changed based on market conditions.

Londex Lite platform app.londex.io, Pancakeswap.finance, Poocoin.app.


17 – 22% is the optimal slippage tolerance. We recommend using the Auto Slippage feature on Londex Lite. Remember is this not the amount of transaction tax.

You will automatically receive BEP20 Ethereum by holding LDX, and you can be assured that your funds are safe in Londex which features one of the most advanced security protocols on the Binance Smart Chain.

The revenue from the all services on the Londex platform, including Advertising revenue will be used to buy back and burn LDX tokens on the open market.

Yes Londex is a registered LLC with offices in the UK and the USA.

 A percentage of each transaction fee is used to purchase and distribute BEP20 Ethereum. This process is automatic and the amount distributed is based on trading volume. The more LDX you hold the more BEP20 Ethereum you will receive as passive income.

Guardian AI is an Anti-Scammer security protocol developed by Londex and used to recover tokens stolen from our investors.

Guardian interacts with wallets addresses associated with scams or fraudulent activity in its scammer database and will act to take intercept or custody of any tokens that have been stolen from Londex investors.

If you suspect you have been scammer, please contact our admins immediately on Telegram @LondexOfficial and provide your wallet address. Alternatively you can email help@londex.io​

Londex admins, core team staff or support staff will never DM or contact you first. If you receive any such message if will be from an impersonator trying to scam you. Never click any links or reveal or your secret phrase.

 Alpha Guardians are an exclusive collection of 6000 NFT’s based on the Solana blockchain. Holding an Alpha Guardian NFT entitles you to receive a passive income in royalties from all sales and these royalties are paid in Solana.

Yes we will be developing our own marketplace, including an NFT minting facility to compliment our Londex Metaverse.

The profits from the NFT projects will go into project development, including the Londex Metaverse, as well as development of the Londex NFT ecosystem.

Yes, our Liquidity is locked on a monthly rolling system until the launch of the main Londex platform, at which time it will be locked indefinitely.

Yes the core team are doxxed and and often available on live web cam in our telegram channel.

We currently have 21 members of the core team spanning a broad range of professions and skill sets, in addition to a team of over 30 community support staff.

 The core team are based in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, India & Russia. Our wider team of community support staff as based in various countries across the globe.

The lite version of the platform will go live in January 2022, with the full platform expected late Q1/early Q2 2022.

Yes, the Londex platform will have staking and farming pools for investors to take advantage of. Wallet locking and vesting will also be available.

The LONDEX platform will provide vast utility for investors on BSC and crypto in general. A crypto university, contract scanning, wallet mapping and a worlds first anti-scammer AI, trading and charting with a host of features, gaming suite, NFT minting and marketplace, tax & accountancy tools, a safe DEX with Londex LP, a presale launchpad and much more.

Londex has committed to over $1,000,000 USD in marketing campaigns and initiates for the next year. Follow our social media for latest updates on our marketing initiates.

The transaction fee allows us to build our Liquidity pools automatically as well as servicing the rewards system, marketing and project development.

BEP20 Ethereum. This is a Binance Pegged Ethereum token which mirrors the price of ERC20 Ethereum on the Binance Smart Chain. You will need to add the BEP20 Ethereum contract address to your wallet to see your rewards.

At times of high volume rewards are paid out hourly, when trading volume is low rewards payouts can be as far as 24hours apart. The Londex Dashboard can be used to see your rewards payments and upcoming payments. There is no minimum holding requirement to receive rewards, however if holding a small amount of LDX your rewards will accumulate within the contract until you have enough to cover the BSC gas fee for the transaction.


The rewards card will be released after the release of the full Londex platform and is expected in Q2 2022.

Anywhere that accepts Visa cards globally including over 200 countries.

The Londex platform will feature a fiat on-ramp allowing users to buy LDX and other cryptocurrencies with Debit and Credit Cards. Please note, buying cryptocurrency with a card will incur an additional processing fee.

You will need to add the new LDX v3 token address to your wallet to see your new LDX tokens. Your existing LDX tokens will become dormant and un-tradable.

Londex has committed to fast track route to major exchange listings, more information will be released in the near future.

Yes, LDX tokens in your wallet can be locked by our Guardian AI technology. When your tokens are locked its impossible for them to leave your wallet or be sold by hackers until they are unlocked at your request.

Londex merchandise is available on our website.

Please send your full proposal to marketing@londex.io or contact our marketing manager on telegram @MarketingLDX

Cryptocurrencies markets are volatile and move faster than any other financial instrument. Many cryptocurrencies can be affected by price movements in the large cap coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB. As LDX increases its Liquidity Pool ratio through staking and transaction fees, the price volatility will become gradually more stable.